Derby day and chocolate

Technically, yesterday was Kentucky Derby Day. As I have done for mostly 38 years (I missed one because my now ex-husband agreed to tend bar for a friend’s daughter’s wedding), I had my annual Derby Party. This year, because of finances, I decided not to invite the first 300 people on my email list. If you were offended that you didn’t get an invitation, I’m sorry. But you could have shown up anyway. I wouldn’t have minded.

Because of my finances, I didn’t rent a tent and get extra tables and chairs this year. And quite honestly, yesterday was one of my more memorable Derby parties.

There were probably 50 of us here, in the house, and we chatted, my friends introduced themselves to each other, enjoyed conversations and found common ground beyond their connections to me.

And as my friends are wont to do, several of them brought birthday gifts because it is my birth week (and month).

This early morning, my favorite are the chocolates that Arthur, the major foodie in my life, brought me. You have to know Arthur to appreciate his fine appreciation of good food. This is a man who has dined at some of the world’s best restaurants: Noma in Copenhagen …. declared the No. 1 restaurant in the world last year.

And Arthur yesterday brought me someone’s homemade chocolates. Oh my goodness. After everyone was gone earlier tonight, I … the woman who rarely eats any sweets … ventured into this little box. Arthur had said I had to eat them within 10 days because they have no preservatives in them.

Mostly they are covered in dark chocolate, which is my favorite.

The first one was a burst of flavor, somewhat sweet with a hint of raspberry. The second one was a dark chocolate-covered date. The center of the third was a molten lava of unbelievable caramel. The flavors blended with this luscious dark chocolate have been orgasmic, truly.

By then, I was wondering why I was drinking scotch when these chocolates demanded Courvoisier. So, I poured a snifter of Courvoisier and just consumed the fourth piece of candy in a very civilized manner: chocolate-covered chocolate with a crystalized sugar topping. Oh my goodness.

My sweet tooth is satisfied for now. Happy Mother’s Day to all my dear friends who are mothers! You are the light that shines the way.


About Cissy Taylor

Cissy is a retired journalist who spent any number of years reporting and writing about crimes in New Hampshire, seeing up close and personally just how much harm one human being can inflict on another. Those are not the things she intends to write about here. A Southern Belle, born and raised in Kentucky, she has lived in the frigid north for nearly 39 years. Her faithful companion, Bebe, is a black rescued greyhound who, enviously, sleeps 20 hours a day.
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3 Responses to Derby day and chocolate

  1. Jim McIntosh says:

    I just hummed “Old Kentucky Home” and the memories kept me there with you.
    Thanks for the description. Now, I’m hungry for chocolate.
    Fondly, as always — JMc

  2. Richard says:

    Mmmmm! Chocolate!

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