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Memorial/Decoration Day

It’s Memorial Day weekend. My dear friend, Susan, traveled with some of her family today to a bridal shower in Maine, stopping along the way at several southern Maine cemeteries to visit family graves, places she hadn’t been to in … Continue reading

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One summer in Leeslick

I spent a week one summer with my Aunt Sara Newton, one of my father’s sisters; her husband, Uncle Buck, and their five daughters, all older than me. I don’t recall if all five were still living at home. I’m … Continue reading

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Derby day and chocolate

Technically, yesterday was Kentucky Derby Day. As I have done for mostly 38 years (I missed one because my now ex-husband agreed to tend bar for a friend’s daughter’s wedding), I had my annual Derby Party. This year, because of … Continue reading

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In memoriam: For the victims of 9/11/2001 and their families and other friends

The following appeared as an op-ed piece in the New Hampshire Union Leader on December 3, 2001. I wrote it in mid-November, just two months after the horrendous attacks on 9/11, when more than 3,000 souls left this Earth, violently, … Continue reading

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