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In Solidarity

All right, all right. I’m going to write about that union/Wisconsin/busting thing. If you disagree, just stop reading now. It will do less damage to your heart and mind. When I was growing up, my mother was a public school … Continue reading

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Thursdays with Gran and Jane

My first newspaper job was with my hometown weekly, and it wasn’t as a reporter. I did advertising paste-up and waxed type and put it on pages late into every Wednesday night. For those of you born after the late-1960s, … Continue reading

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Bobby, we hardly knew you.

Tonight, in lieu of a Super Bowl which I had absolutely no need to watch, I chose to finally see the 2006 movie, Bobby, about the intersecting lives of 22 mostly strangers on the day on which Robert F. Kennedy … Continue reading

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What a day for a daydream

When I have a need to daydream, such as during yet-another-snowstorm and I’m out of Calgon, I like to search through the real estate section of The New York Times. It’s a world totally separate from mine, one I can … Continue reading

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