50 more days and winter is over!

I had hoped to avoid writing about the weather this season, but it seems difficult to do, since my full-time job right now is…bundle up the dog, bundle up me, take the dog for his constitutional, spend the entire time outside trying not to fall down or let the dog fall down, coming back in 15 to 25 minutes later, unbundling the dog, unbundling me. And we do that three times a day.

Coupling that with the amount of shoveling I’ve done…the plow guys in my condo complex do a great job, the shoveling guys, well, not so much. Then, of course, there is getting the snow off the car and the ice off the stairs. It’s tiring.

In December, my family and other friends in Kentucky got more snow that we did in New Hampshire. It was somewhat unseasonably warm here, but certainly no complaints.

Well, that came to a screeching halt three weeks ago. We’ve gotten about three feet, 36 inches, of snow in three weeks. And it’s not a record, not like Boston or New York City or Philadelphia, but still, it’s work. And the bitter temperatures last weekend…we haven’t had that kind of cold in six years. The dog limped a lot when we went out. He’ll wear his coat, but not booties. So when it’s really cold, I wrap a towel around his chest and then put his jacket on. It’s not much, it’s more like doggie long johns. It seems to help…to a point.

There was a time I loved snow. I was young, I didn’t have to shovel very often. Growing up in Kentucky, there wasn’t a lot of snow, but in my hometown, when there was enough of it, there was a street on a hill that officials actually closed off, put barrels at the top with tires burning (what did we know then) for the kids to stay warm, and let us sled down this what-then-seemed-to-be a long hill.

My best friend, Linda, who was always more adventurous than I was, went down that hill one night on a sled on someone’s back. Somehow, she ended up slamming into a parked car (they were a bit of a hazard) and knocked out a tooth. I will just say, we were in high school at the time, and no, I was not there that night. But that is one of my more memorable moments from Wilson Avenue.

Now, I just want to walk without fear of slipping on the ice or icy snow.


About Cissy Taylor

Cissy is a retired journalist who spent any number of years reporting and writing about crimes in New Hampshire, seeing up close and personally just how much harm one human being can inflict on another. Those are not the things she intends to write about here. A Southern Belle, born and raised in Kentucky, she has lived in the frigid north for nearly 39 years. Her faithful companion, Bebe, is a black rescued greyhound who, enviously, sleeps 20 hours a day.
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4 Responses to 50 more days and winter is over!

  1. Laurie says:

    You just brought back a flood of childhood memories of winter sledding. Too fun!

  2. Peggy Carter says:

    Great memories!! There was usually such a crowd at Wilson Ave. that we’d stay on Elmarch and sled from Battlegrove down to Bridge St. or from in front of our house down into Elmarch extended (across Old Lair Road…..egad!). No tires burning on our side, but most cars didn’t mess with Elmarch….on either end or in the middle….when it was covered with ice/snow.

  3. Linda Gallagher says:

    Oh, those were the days. It wasn’t a parked car we slammed in to, it was another sled purposely thrown in front of us by Bobby Parsons. I thought it was Dougie ,Bobbys brother,until I met his wife about 12 years ago and told her the whole story. She confonted Dougie and he swears it was not him, but his awful brother Bobby.
    Never found my tooth.

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